Tip: Copy pasting error screens

Something simple but some people don’t know this is possible.

When you get an error message in NAV (or any error screen in Windows) you can just simply press Ctrl+C to place the text of this error screen in the clipboard.
Something worth mentioning to customers so they don’t have to make screenshots every time and send them to your Customer Support.

Say the customer gets an error in NAV when posting an order.

They would usually send the error screen to the CS like this:

Location Code mandatory
What the user could have done was just press Ctrl+C when focusing on the error screen and just paste it in a mail.
The result would be:
Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision
You must specify Location Code in Sales Line Document Type=’Order’,Document No.=’VO704282′,Line No.=’10000′.
Could save you some diskspace 😉
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