Hiding custom buttons in CRM 4.0 Toolbar

In CRM 3 it was possible to hide a button on a toolbar just by calling the document.getElementById(“”).style.display = “none” method.

This will NOT work in CRM 4.0. The ID of the button seems to be generated when the CRM Form is loaded. One time it might be ISV_New_1_MyButtonID the other time it might be ISV_New_39_MyButtonID.

A simple workarround is by checking all the LI items in the UL of the MenuBar and by comparing its ID with “MyButtonID”.
To do so use the following javascript in the forms OnLoad event:

HideButton = function()


var ULListItems = document.getElementById(“mnuBar1”).rows[0].cells[0].getElementsByTagName(“UL”)[0].getElementsByTagName(“LI”);

for(var i=0; i<ULListItems.length;i++)


if (ULListItems[i].id.indexOf(“MyButtonID”) > -1)


ULListItems[i].style.display = “none”;





// Execute the function when loading the form


// Execute the function when the form is resized.

window.onresize = HideButton;

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3 comments on “Hiding custom buttons in CRM 4.0 Toolbar
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  2. David Withers says:

    I’m a tab confused what I need to change to look for a specic button.

  3. Kenny Vaes says:

    Hi, thanks for pointing this out.
    There seemed to be some lines missing in the code.
    I updated the post.

    Just replace MyButtonID in the line “if (ULListItems[i].id.indexOf(“MyButtonID”) > -1)” with the ID of the button you are searching for.


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